Jul 11, 2014

NEW CHAPTER: L'essences (www.lessences.com)

Dear readers and followers,

The past three years have been so much fun blogging, but sadly I left out on this blog a while ago. Blogging wasn't exactly what I really really wanted anymore, at least not only about myself. This blog was more of a personal fashion diary. And I felt that with this format I couldn't grow as much as I wanted as an online addict anymore. My name and face were too connected to this blog, to ever change, grow and develop.

So a few months back I finally knew what I wanted, and I went for it. I've started an online magazine/platform, not only about fashion, but about more great things. Interior, travel, food, music and lifestyle deserve a stage as well in my opinion. My new 'place' has different dimensions, and is very visually developed.

It's called L'essences, and you can visit the platform via www.lessences.com 

I would be very happy to see you around this new environment every now and then. And I really hope you like the step I've taken, let me know in the comment box!

I want to thank you all for reading my blog these years, and giving me feedback on my posts, and of course your support. You have taught me a lot, by being this great audience! See you around www.lessences.com?



Dec 16, 2013

Chilling in Chicago

Leather jacket - H&M | Top - Forever 21 | Skirt - Forever 21 | Sneakers - Nike

Today it feels like a throwback kinda day, going back to the USA! I never showed you the little photoshoot we did in our hostel in Chicago. I mean, that wall deserves a proper fashion shoot. ;-) When you hang out with people a lot, you end up dressing alike. The proof you can see above. We didn't know how we looked until we got out of the elevator, but it looks like we did, right?! Urban chique was the theme for the night!

Dec 2, 2013

Tartan is trending

Tartan is trending! - which wasn't quite a surprise anymore, since basically any brand focused on the Scotish print this season. One of my favorites has to be Acne's tartan collection. The collection has bigger and smaller checkered items, that come in very nice colors. The blue and blue/green items are my favorites for sure. I mean, those pants, yes! I wouldn't mind owning one of those, actually I'd like to have everything from the collection: a girl is allowed to dream, right? ;-) If you're genuinely interested in buying something from their collection, you can do that over here! Happy monday, and perhaps, happy shopping!

Nov 26, 2013

Please VOTE for my column!

Normally I'm no fan of asking readers a favor, but this is really important to me. And I think you guys can help me out. I wrote a column (in Dutch) for a Dutch newspaper, I need to collect votes for. If I have enough votes, my column might be featured in the newspaper! This would mean anything to me. :)

So would you please help me out by clicking the vote-button ('stem' in green right under my column) right over here! Thank you so much lovelies. :)